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What is True Health?

It is a great tragedy that the modern medical model has abandoned the concept of “wholeness,” which, to me, is the true definition of health. I like the word “wholeness,” because it implies unity and coherence, flow and harmony.

Therefore, the health we should be looking for is not determined by longevity, wrinkle free skin, an hourglass figure, or the absence of disease. (Does it really matter if you are losing weight if all you are eating is celery or lettuce leaves? How significant is the achievement of finishing the New York City Marathon if you cannot co-exist happily with your spouse or family?) There should be intelligence to this process, not just thoughtless behavior or random goals that can be quantitatively measured or narrowly defined.

True health, then, is the achievement of a state of wholeness, living a good life in a state of awareness, not failing to recognize the beauty around you. Ultimately, “health” is more than just living well, but is marked by a state of peace and tranquility throughout your life. To be in this “state” requires the cultivation of mindfulness, identifying and following your passions and purpose, and the recognition of and ability to express your essential authentic self.

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