Question 2/20 from Gabe:

While my work environment continually becomes more stressful, is there a way to create a calming atmosphere in my cubicle?


Answer from SkillfulDoc:

It is possible and important to control your own environment.  In today’s increasingly cutthroat working environments, take charge of your situation and remain levelheaded.  


Below are three things that I recommend everyone have on their desk in order to promote and assist in calm and levelheaded behavior:


1. A picture of a location that reminds you of a happy and peaceful time: This is used best for meditation.  Visualize the last time you were in this location, or project yourself to the next time that you will be.  Use this calming energy to approach any current stressful situation.


2. A living thing: Everyone should have a living thing on their desk at all times. Be it a plant or a goldfish, this will bring good fortune and positive energy into your daily work.


3. Souvenir with energy (ie. rock, crystal, spiritual statue, meditation symbol):  This works best if the souvenir is small. When you need to relax or if you need a boost, hold the souvenir in your hand and envision where it came from and what it stands for.   If you have an important meeting, slip the object into your pocket.

In addition to these items, here are a few more reactive tips that you can utilize when faced with a sudden stressful situation:


1. Deep breathing – completely exhale, release tension in back shoulders and neck (practice).


2. Get up and change your environment – fresh air and sunlight – getting out of room that you are currently in.


3. Visualization – image peaceful scene, a pleasant thought  – have a positive association on your desk.


4. Read something positive but not cynical.


Besides reactive responses to stressful situations and environments, it is always best to be prepared ahead of time.  Below are a few proactive tips that everyone should practice.  Taking care of yourself is the best way to be prepared for what might come your way:


1. Sleep the night before.


2. Anticipate problem areas.


3. Skillful nutrition, avoid carbohydrates (especially snacking on them) which secrete insulin (affect adrenal glands and release of adrenaline and cortical) more vulnerable.


4. Vegetarian diet.


5. Whole food.


6. Maintain a sense of humor; do not take life too seriously. When all else fails to lighten up.




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