Question 5/13 from Lucia:


How normal are the PMS symptoms that the majority of women suffer each month? How do I know when my symptoms are more severe than they should be?


Answer from SkillfulDoc:


The symptoms of PMS are commonly accepted and tolerated in menstruating women. If symptoms are too severe, this can be a warning sign or fertility and menopausal symptoms later in life.


As I mention in my book, Skillful Living, according to the National Center for Health Statistics of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 12 percent of women (7.3 million) in the United States aged 15-44 had difficulty getting pregnant or carrying a baby to term in 2002. These numbers mark a profound increase from 1960.


Contrary to popular belief, the severity of the PMS symptoms that most women exhibit are not necessary. The degree in which woman suffer is not normal, although it is common, these symptoms reflect imbalance. The dominant imbalance combination of dietary issues, lack of sleep, and high stress levels are causing women to suffer unnecessarily.


I believe that these symptoms, although normal on a small scale, are signifiers that women need to make lifestyle changes to have a healthier menstrual cycle. But to what degree are these symptoms normal? If the symptoms are present enough that they are mentioned in conversation, this usually indicates that they are too strong.


There is a minimum level of suffering for a woman who is eating well, sleeping enough, and who is in tune with nature. The easiest ways to shift your life and restore a healthy balance is to get more sleep, eat whole foods and try to eat seasonally, and get outside more. Natural light is very important 


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