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A Skillful Reflection on Lightning

Although substantiated by a logical scientific process, there’s something inexplicable few can deny about the effects of lightning. In fact, many cultures have viewed it in conjunction with a deity, including the Greek god Zeus, the Mayas’ God K, and Norse mythology’s beloved and fabled Thor. Verses in the holy books of Judaism and Islam credit lightning with a mysterious and commanding “supernatural importance,” and in the traditional religion of the African Bantu tribes, lightning is a sign of the fury of the gods, representing a time of rage and indignation.

But in the midst of the fear and mystery around this natural phenomenon, perhaps the most can be learned from the French and Italian’s expression for “Love at first sight,” which is Coup de foudre and Colpo di fulmine, respectively, which literally translated means “lightning strike.”

This parallel is a telling one, depicting the positive aspects that can be taken away from something so potentially frightening and ferocious. Allow yourself to envision the first time that primitive cultures saw fire. Without the conventional wisdom to explain it, it was magic, worthy of the respect and humility of an outright miracle. Conversely, lightning was like fire shooting from the sky; a divine force that brought its spectators as much excitement as concern. And although they couldn’t quite explain what was causing it, they knew it was helping to shape the landscape of the earth they were so attached to. They developed a profound appreciation for the process, and their own theories on what was triggering it. Perhaps some sort of divine being needed appeasement; perhaps it sought to regenerate the forests to keep them healthy; perhaps something was in dire need of being restored…regardless, they were able to parlay any fear in their minds into recognition in their hearts, welcoming the inevitable shift and its sacred messenger.

This time of year, when lightening is most visible, think of it not as a warning, but as a reminder of how yielding to the vigor and unpredictability of one of nature’s strongest forces can set possibilities ablaze.


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The New Moon in August

As we move into the new moon phase known by earlier civilizations as the Lightning Moon, we are reminded of a fascinating duality of one of the earth’s most awe-inspiring forces.
















Both literally and figuratively, the topic is a charged one, since lightning’s powerful dance is impossible to ignore, even if we do find shelter from the intense surge. And, just as it strikes fear into the hearts and minds of many, it is especially designed to instill a delicate balance of reverence, commanding a respect that can be replicated by nothing else in nature.

While it might be difficult to fathom the time in history when the majority of our landscapes were covered in sheets of frozen glacial rock, powerfully shaping the terrain beneath it, the marvel of lightning remains a modern one, still rearing its electrifying head whenever the skies are primed for it. In this, we recognize not only its matchless force, but its admirable longevity, exposing its oft-neglected value.

Tonight, as we look to the blanket of darkness that the new moon delivers to the August sky, imagine the wonder that the Neo Pagans felt when a single bolt of energy and light suddenly divided it, and revel in your ability to relate to it now, striking you once again with awe.

And, just in case, stay indoors if the skies are ripe.

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