Cultivating Stillness – A Q&A with the Skillful Doc

Question: I can’t seem to sit still. I’ve been taught since my youth to keep moving, always being productive. I’m simply uncomfortable with just doing nothing.  The only time I can sit still is when I watch TV, but without that stimulation, I feel the need to be doing and accomplishing something. Is something wrong with me?


Answer: Yes, there is something wrong with you – you have lost your natural ability to sit, be quiet and enjoy stillness.  Fortunately, with some practice, you can get this skill back…and this is an ideal time of year to get started.


  • Honor the shorter days by eating dinner earlier and settling in sooner.
  • When it gets dark, turn off your gadgets and any noise – including music – or outside stimulation.
  • Sit still in a quiet place.
  • Turn down the lights, enjoy the dark, learn to feel and see what is inside.
  • Listen to the earth around you – the sounds of your creaking house, the heat coming on and off, the wind outside, the occasional bird or traffic sound, your beating heart and breath.


Tell us how you cultivate stillness…


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