Fall Activities

balanced rocks on whiteThere is a rhythm in nature and we are part of it. Therefore, there is a rhythm in us. If we fight that rhythm or fall off course, almost by definition, we create a state of imbalance. <!– –>

Notwithstanding our historic appreciation for nature’s cycles, our society has gradually drifted from a way of living that is supported by its rhythms. We eat when should be digesting; we are awake when we should be sleeping; we speed up when should be slowing down; and we spend when should be saving. We crave and cultivate wealth, power and privilege. Making more money to buy even more things to acquire “contentment” is a cherished way of life in the west. Industries produce and sell goods and services for enjoyment without relation to need or the quality of life. More goods and services generate more demand for more things; advertisements fuel the demand for things we do not even need. And the more things we feel we need, the more we need to work.  This vicious, manmade cycle is at odds with natural rhythms both in our world and within ourselves.

autumn reflection I am not suggesting that you abandon all modern conveniences and luxuries, even though living a simpler, more authentic existence might move you closer to nature’s rhythms.  Connecting to things that are more inherently fulfilling can move you into a more balanced state. This balance could be attained by a reorganization of priorities and letting go of the accumulation mindset, which keeps many of us stuck in habitual patterns of unskillful behavior.  Or it could begin with being mindful to engage in activities and habits that are seasonally appropriate. Do you rest in the winter? Were you outside during the spring? Are you taking time to reflect in the fall?


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