The Autumn Equinox

You may not realize it, but this year, the Autumn Equinox aligns with the full moon, so we have both cycles beginning on the same day.  Indeed, as is the case during each new season, this will be a time of powerful transition. As we experience this shift within, we can learn a lot from observing what happens in nature–most striking, is what we see happening to the trees. And, I would like to reflect upon this and offer some thoughts on the matter of letting go.

In a beautifully written synopsis of this season from a Chinese Medical perspective, Neil Gumenick writes: “Nature instructs us about our own cycles of creating and letting go: Trees in autumn don’t stubbornly hold onto their leaves because they might need them next year.”  He goes on to say, “….how many of us defy the cycle and hold onto what we’ve produced or collected-those decayed leaves, that old negativity?”
It is indeed these attachments that prevent us from moving forward in our evolution. On the level of living now, we wind up carrying an ever heavier load if we do not allow things to fall away.
Quite simply, it is important to examine what we are holding onto and to examine what, if any, purpose it serves. More aptly, how does holding on defeat your purpose of achieving a healthier and more balanced life? This is the lesson of autumn.
What would we expect of a tree if it did not let go of its leaves?
So, in that spirit, take a deep breath…..but make sure you let it out!




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    Renee Pisarz said,

    For me, I had no choice but to let go and embrace a new beginning. When my son Stephen made his transition at the age of 18, on February 18, 2006, my transformation began. I could have feared and let my ego take over, maybe live a life of depression and solitude. However, this was not the case. I left the door open, and started to receive sacred healing. I was told I had a Kundalini awakening, all my chakras (energy centers opened), this was a blessing, a gift from God. I never did like change, but in this case I welcomed it. Nothing else could hurt me anymore. The physical loss of a child, is the worst pain to endure.
    At the present time, I am multi dimensional, and aware of the soul link I have to my higher self. I am trying to be that messenger for so many others in pain. I enjoy life and know my son is always with me. The key is to have faith and believe in unconditional love. I believe in doing this, going within, knowing your self, your soul purpose, miracles will start to happen. They did for me…..

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