Taking a Moment

Too often we are so focused on the task at hand, moving so fast that we lose sight of the beauty that surrounds us.  It is particularly easy to slip into this habit as during this seasonal transition; while the pace of life generally slows during the long summer days, it often starts to pick up again now.  We may suddenly find ourselves very busy, caught up in worrying about what we have to do next and pouring over our schedules for the coming weeks.

If you are balanced and relaxed then you can take a moment to absorb the wonder. The future evolves as you evolve. Finding new things every moment brings you closer to the flow. Be of the mindset that something special could happen at any moment. Be prepared.  Reflecting skillfully is about staying present and living now. Treasure is found in the day-to-day act of living in love with life.

Just as nature is overflowing with curves, corners, knots, and unexpected changes in direction, so our lives are, and should be, filled with unpredictable twists and turns. While you may find yourself briefly on the straight and narrow path there is sure to be a sudden curve up ahead. Like a treasure trail, this path will lead to unexpected destinations and surprise you. You may be faced with difficult questions such as “Who am I, what my purpose is and what is of value to me?” Some of these questions may be answered after a long period of effort. Others you may discover through everyday experiences.

I would advise you to enjoy and learn from the adventure of finding treasure. Part of the journey’s beauty is the unexpected. The curving path is often the most interesting one. Resist becoming attached to what “needs” to happen and remain pliant, which is truly the definition of strength, as you continue on your respective journey.


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