Appreciating Any Weather: Advice from the Skillful Doctor

Question: I love the summer but hate the winter, so with the first sign of autumn, I begin anticipating the cold weather ahead.  As a result, I can’t enjoy the season.  How can I learn to be more accepting and positive about the seasons I don’t like?

Answer: Nature’s cycles have to do with how the earth-and its flower reflectioninhabitants-renews itself. Sometimes this renewal process is gradual and gentle. Sometimes it is violent and destructive. Nevertheless, these cycles are endless sources of wonder, healing, and inspiration.

Local parks, nature trails and your own backyard are treasure troves of undiscovered beauty. In fact, the greatest place of tranquility might be found right outside your bedroom window in the form of a beautiful sunrise, rustling leaves, a duck floating on a pond, a sparrow building her nest, or a dew drop falling off a leaf.

Could you find fulfillment and joy by simply marveling at the cycles of plants and animals in response to seasonal and climatic changes to their environment? My children and I used to spend countless hours sitting beside a small pond on our property mesmerized by the iridescent quality of dragonfly wings. Witnessing first hand natural events such as bird migration, plant budding, flowering or fruiting, insect activities, and the stages of birth and death can help us reestablish our interconnection and interdependence with the natural world.

Every three months or so, it can be helpful to review the importance of each season as it comes to a close.  In so doing, we may appreciate more fully the value of each season as it passes, as well as prepare ourselves for the transition to the next.  By appreciating this value, we can enjoy the time more.

Share your reflections on the changing seasons or submit your own question in the comments section…


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