The Season of Ripeness

As you appreciate the abundance of this season, think of it as a metaphor of the time in your life when you reach this stage of fullness.  It happens somewhere around mid-life, but is really more a matter of awareness and perspective than timing.  We reach this season when we have matured; when we are at our most effective and our life is at its fullest.

Although our culture often glorifies the phase that precedes this – when we are at the height of youthful energy and physical beauty – reaching this part of your life doesn’t have to be a sad thought.  This is a time when we can enjoy the fruits of our labor by cultivating the presence of mind to actually bring sweetness into our lives.  In addition, it is a rich and full period that we can sustain for a very long time if we understand what it takes to live skillfully.  Although the late summer season in nature is relatively short, this stage can be the longest “season” in our life cycle if we learn to live it that way.


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