The Skillful Doctor: Visiting Your Physician

Question: I’m 48 years old and I feel just fine.  Since I seem healthy, I don’t think I need to go see a doctor, but my family members say I need to have a routine appointment and checkup.  Is that true?

Answer: Here I tend to agree with your family, as it is important that you build a good relationship with a physician—and there are some basic routine tests that should be performed periodically helping you maintain your health, prevent certain diseases and guide you when a potential medical issue arises. Ultimately the experience should be reassuring and comforting. Thus it is quite vital that the person you seek appreciates the value of your autonomy in making decisions that affect you.

However, that being said, it is even more important that you check in with yourself on a regular basis, going deeper into the issues that affect your life and are responsible in creating your “experience”. By taking the time and making the effort to explore these issues more deeply you will live to the fullest. To assess your true wellness, then, it is imperative that you evaluate the overall quality of your life; including your relationships, your work, the physical environment in which you live, the social world around you, and your feelings of connectedness. This will give you a more complete understanding of the state of your health.

You can even start by taking this Wellness Self Evaluation. Click HERE.


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