The Skillful Doctor on Seasonal Eating

Question: Everyone tells me I should be eating lots of fruits and vegetables but I don’t like them.

Answer: Summer is an excellent time to experiment with seasonal produce.   Instead of arbitrarily trying to add fruits and vegetables to your diet, go to a farmer’s market and pick up the produce that is in season.  Try to stay open minded, even choosing things that you think you won’t enjoy.  Because seasonal fruits and vegetables taste much better than those out of season, you may find that some things you didn’t like in the past are much better than you remember.

An added benefit of eating seasonally is that it simplifies our daily nutrition decisions. By eating what is growing in the current season, our nutritional intake is more aligned with the shift in the nutrients that we need during certain times of the year.  Adjusting your nutrients seasonally is one way in which to increase your awareness of nature and restore natural balance.

Tell us about your favorite seasonal fruits and vegetables or submit your own question in the comments section.


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