Summertime Energy

From the Chinese perspective, there is an abundance of yang energy during the summer months.  This energy is different from what we experience during the spring – the season of birth – when shoots are just rising from the ground.  During the summer, nature’s energy is hard to miss.  The flowers are in full bloom and the bees are buzzing busily to gather their pollen and nectar.  We are now enjoying the ripening fruit and vegetables that have grown from seeds planted earlier in the year and the animals born in the spring are romping as they explore the freedom of their new lives. Like all of the life around us, we too are fully open to the world as we absorb the energy from the sun high in the sky.

Indeed, the long summer days expand our capacities. These lengthened days and heightened energy render summer a season of peak activity. During the summer months, it is important to align our energies with those of nature and consider how we may be most productive.  By soaking in this energy and making the most use of it, we will be most able to enjoy the fruits of our labors much in the way that plants grow in the summer to be harvested in the fall

So, soak up some sun now! And, enjoy the lightness it brings,



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    Barbara Slaine said,

    Hi there-Andrea Candee who is currently doing a liquid feast with us suggested we connect. We work with an alkaline protocol using mineral salts,etc and lots of yummy soups , smoothies and alkaline icecreams so the body is not deprived to cleanse.First the blood then the tissues all managed by the ph.
    We also have workshops and classes as well.
    Would love to connect so we can share as Dr.Young is looking to work with an MD on the east coast.
    All my best
    Barbara Slaine

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