Listening to Our Instincts

In our culture, we are taught to over-analyze everything. We prize intellect above all other means of obtaining information, and as a result we often lose connection with our inherent, natural source of knowledge. This imbalance compels us to go crazy trying to “figure out” how to live, when the reality is that not everything can be understood with the intellect.  One can’t possibly do enough research and collect enough information to solve all of life’s problems by rational means.

When we realize that we can’t control everything with our intellect, we become filled with fear. The problem is that in our society, we are overly dependent on factual knowledge to the point that we don’t consider the importance of developing the skills we need to navigate the uncertainty that is so inevitably a part of life.  Ironically, those skills are something we’re born with – we only need to listen to them. 

Our instincts are our natural tools for understanding the world; they are how we are hard-wired for survival.  Indeed, surviving is not contingent on technology; humans didn’t survive for thousands of years because we knew calculus, had batteries, could drill for oil or perform an operation.  We survived by listening to our instincts. If we get back in touch with our instincts and feelings, we will find we have much less to fear. 

Feel well, 



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