Common Sense and Instincts

The enlightened state of perceptual knowledge that Buddhists describe as “knowing which is also a seeing” is achieved only by stripping down to our barest essence and getting rid of all the junk cluttering our mind and affecting our decisions.  When we are able to do so, we can listen to our instincts, get out of our heads and begin to truly live.  We are finally able to navigate life with a clear mind and the genuine value of all of our senses.  This is what I believe “common sense” refers to.

The wisdom here is that we need information but we also need to remain attuned to our environment in every sense of the word to make the decisions necessary to be successful and live well.  Within this construct is the knowing that helps us to see things for what they are, unencumbered by our preconceived ideas, thoughts and beliefs or those thrust upon on us by society. Indeed, a scientist can tell us all we want to know about the color, weight, size and life cycle of a mango. But without tasting it, do we really understand its nature? 


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