Finding a Spiritual Community

Question: I realize it’s important for me to have a spiritual practice, but I do not feel comfortable going to any of the local religious institutions in my community. What can I do?

Answer: For those who participate in organized religion, community is a central part of their practice. However, many people are turned off by what is available to them in this regard for one reason or another.  Maybe they have moral objections to the religion of their childhood or feel rejected by a particular church.  As a result, they shun the idea of a spiritual community and may even give up on the attempt to find one.

However, it is also important to realize that a spiritual community does not have to have any affiliation with organized religion. As such, spending time in a supportive environment, sharing a sacred space and connecting to our individual spirit – perhaps, if necessary, unbridled by the trappings of religious institutions–are the ingredients for achieving much of the benefits that you seek.  

In all likelihood there are many people who live near you and share the same feelings. As a first step, start talking to people who you feel might be open to these ideas, and as soon as you can gather two or three people, you’ve got yourself a community.

Whether you gather in nature or in a home, I recommend meeting in a quiet location once a week or even once a month. Spend 30 minutes discussing life’s joys, challenges and meaning.  Then spend another half hour in quiet contemplation.  Close with a statement of gratitude and a commitment to return next time.

I will be discussing this subject of the importance of spiritual communities with Michael Rosenbaum on the June 5th episode of The Skillful Living Room show. To listen live when it airs at 12 noon EDT on that day, click HERE.  After it will remain in the archives of the Business Talk Radio Network.


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